Latest News

Prep's First Aid Course

Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have been learning a set of skills that we hope they never need to use!

They have been learning how to help someone if they are unconscious or unable to breathe.

World Maths Day

Pupils at The Ryleys love maths and recently, celebrated World Maths Day by taking part in an exciting mathematical challenge.

Swimming In The Sunshine

The weather is absolutely glorious today and Year 6 have had a super time swimming in our open air in the sun. 

Super Sailing

It's been wonderful to see our sailing club start back up and get back on the water. Years 3 and 4 enjoyed an evening of sailing at Rudyard Lake with many pupils having their first sailing lesson. 

Nursery Ice Painting

Everyday in the Early Years, pupils experience specialist teaching. This morning has been our sensory 'messy play' morning, in which children explore colours and textures through touch, smell and sometimes taste! 

Reception Cursive Writing

Children in Reception have produced some beautiful precursive writing as they have been looking at words that rhyme. 

Pre-School Ice Activity

It's been a chilly week and Pre-School have brought the icy weather into the classroom to enjoy a sensory ice activity. 

Pre-Reception Maths

Children in Pre-Reception have been enjoying their maths lessons this week and have been adding numbers up to '10'. 

One To One Teacher Pupil Reading

Despite pupils working from home, every pupil still meets with their teacher daily via zoom to read to them on a one to one basis.