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End of Year Celebrations

We enjoyed a fabulous End of Year Celebration on Wednesday with many awards and prizes presented.

The achievements of our pupils are celebrated throughout the year at our weekly assembly, but it’s also important to take time to reflect on the entire year. This annual event helps our pupils to celebrate success, set personal goals for the future and to inspire each other.

We enjoyed some beautiful music from our choirs accompanied by many of our teachers on various instruments. We also listened to inspiring speeches from our current Head Boy and guest speaker Rebecca Adlington.

Well done, everyone.

RHS Garden Bridgewater

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic trip to RHS Garden Bridgwater in Worsley. 

The Planting for the Planet exhibition at RHS Garden Bridgewater celebrates our communities contributions to taking climate action by greening Greater Manchester and demonstrates the importance of plants and nature in creating resilient, healthy and beautiful spaces for people and the planet to coexist.

The pupils really enjoyed the beautiful garden and paid close attention to the leaders teaching them the course.


GreenPower Trust Kit Cars

Year 6 pupils have loved building their own electric kit cars as part of a programme organised by @greenpowertrust and had the chance to race them this week at a track near Litchfield.

The group built two cars—  ‘Out of this World’ & ‘Royal Phoenix’, and competed against over 30 other cars.

What a fantastic experience continuing to develop skills in teamwork, communication, fundraising and all underpinned with an important green message of sustainability & environmental awareness.

Well done, team.  Congratulations to the Royal Phoenix team for being awarded a special trophy for their brilliant  portfolio submitted as part of the project.


Jubilee Art

As part of our Jubilee Celebrations, the Social Committee commissioned a piece of art for the school by the incredible North West artist Dave Draws.  Dave Draws is a freelance illustrator, mural artist and serial map doodler originally from Chesterfield but living in Manchester.  He has travelled across Europe, Hong Kong and the US for his large scale wall murals.


The Ryleys School Jubilee artwork features individual drawings of the pupils and staff at the school, and we think it is fantastic!


We look forward to the official opening, but couldn’t resist giving our families an early preview of this brilliant commemorative work.  Thank you Dave Draws and the Social Committee. 


Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is encouraged for all ages at the school and we are fortunate to have large open spaces in the school ground to facilitate this.

Our Early Years children enjoy physical literacy by exploring, climbing and swinging in the trees in the schools meadow.

In Pre Reception, the class teachers talk about risks and safety. The children are shown how to check if the branch is safe and strong enough before using their full weight to climb or swing.

These simple outdoor activities provide a great opportunity to work on gross motor skills and core strength which are very important when sitting, reading and writing.  


Musical Showcase

The music department at The Ryleys School has a consistent track record of supporting children achieve great things in music.  

Every child from age 1 to 11, enjoy a weekly music lesson.  In addition to this, the school creates and hosts frequent musical performances and many pupils enjoy private instrumental lessons leading the grade exams.

At the end of term, the school enjoyed a showcase of some fantastic instrumental skills.  From Year 1 to Year 6, claranet, guitar, piano and percussion.  The standard was really fabulous and each performed with confidence to an audience of over 100.

It's not all serious though, as the popular 'School of Rock' club proved with a memorable rendition of 'All Night Long'.

Maths Success

The Primary Maths Challenge is a national mathematics competition for children in year 5 and 6, with over 57,000 participants.  Each year Ryleys pupils take part with typically very good results. This year was no exception with an extremely high number of Silver and Gold awards achieved.

From this first competition, the top 3% of scores nationally are invited to participate in a 'Bonus Round' to further test their maths skills.

We are proud this year that two of our pupils, Joey B and James C, both qualified for the 'Bonus Round' and brilliantly both received a gold certificate. 

This means they finished in the top 400 of the entire competition, and can proudly say they are amongst the top 0.7% of mathematicians of their age.  Congratulations! 

Well done to all that took part.  We love maths at The Ryleys and look forward to taking part again next year.

World Book Day 2022

The Big Bad Wolf having a piano lesson - why not?

This World Book Day, the children demonstrated their love of reading by dressing up as a character from their favourite book.  As always, we were impressed with the creativity and considerable effort put in to each and every outfit.

The objective of World Book Day is to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own. Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than their family circumstances, their parents’ educational background or their income.

Reading forms the foundation of so many of the lessons at The Ryleys.  Children are always encouraged to read and we are impressed with their enthusiasm to learn and try new books.

First page of the PDF file: StatesofMatter


At The Ryleys School, children experience subject lessons taught by specialist teachers. Naya, one of our All Rounder Scholars, is an enthusiastic scientist and has recently been learning about ‘States of Matter’ with our Science Teacher, Mr Anthony.

She wrote a fantastic full page article for our weekly newsletter explaining what 'States of Matter' are and what she has been doing in her lessons to enhance her understanding of the topic. 

Her detailed illustration above, clearly demonstrates her knowledge and helps to make what is a very complex theory, clear for all.

Well done, Naya. We feel sure you are on the right path to achieve your ambitions and look forward to reading more from you and your fellow Scholars in future editions of the newsletter.


En Guarde!

The Olympic sport of fencing developed from a form of military training to a sport in either the 14th of 15th century. 

Fencers develop good hand-eye coordination, balance, and quick reflexes. It boosts not just physical but also mental agility by forcing you to observe and counter your opponent's skills and personality. For this reason, fencing is good for your mind, as well as your body. Most of all it’s great fun!

Our pupils have the chance to learn all about Fencing at one of our post popular weekly clubs.