Latest News

Pre-School Ice Activity

It's been a chilly week and Pre-School have brought the icy weather into the classroom to enjoy a sensory ice activity. 

Pre-Reception Maths

Children in Pre-Reception have been enjoying their maths lessons this week and have been adding numbers up to '10'. 

One To One Teacher Pupil Reading

Despite pupils working from home, every pupil still meets with their teacher daily via zoom to read to them on a one to one basis. 

 Diwali Celebrations

Many children within school are celebrating Diwali this weekend and there have been many activities taking place in school so that everyone can learn about the Hindu festival. 

Primary Maths  Challenge

Years 5 and 6 took part in the Primary Maths Challenge this week which is a nationally run competition entered by thousands of primary school pupils.  

Remembrance Service

This week, the whole school came together to take part in a Remembrance Service.

House Hockey Tournament

Pupils have taken part in a House Hockey Tournament. The weather may have been a bit wet but the pupils were brilliant and showed some great skills throughout the afternoon.