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Pre-School Release Their Butterflies
After watching their caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies, Pre-School and Pre-Reception released them into the school garden. At first they were a bit reluctant to come out but then they found their colourful wings and flew off, much to the excitment of the children!
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Spectacular Sports Day
This year, the whole school came together for a spectacular sports day on the school playing field. There were numerous races for all different age groups including the 600m race, egg and spoon, obstical course and sprint races. Well done to Gus M, Eliza K, Ritz B, Matthew G, Sam G, Jasmine T and Niamh B for winning the Victor and Victrix Ludorums.
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Y2 Talk On Sikhism
Year 2 enjoyed an interactive talk by parents at the school, Mr and Mr Singh. The children learned all about the Sikh faith, the traditions as well as how they are expected to dress and live their lives.   Joey got to try on a turban and all of the children were taught how to meditate the Sikh way.
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