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The perfect environment to grow.

There are many benefits to selecting The Ryleys School. Whilst it is difficult to pinpoint one factor that makes it such a happy and successful place to learn, there are a few key themes we believe make us stand out.

Small Class Size
Having small classes with teaching assistants on hand as well as class teachers, ensure every child is supported as they need.  Able children can be stretched and those requiring more support can receive this also.

Specialist Teaching
All pupils at The Ryleys benefit from specialist teaching.  French taught by a dedicated French teacher.  Art taught by our resident artist.  Science taught by a dedicated science teacher.  This expertise ensure the ultimate enthusiasm and dedication to your child's learning.

Extra-curricular opportunities
School provides not only an academic framework for your child, but it also should provide opportunities to learn skills and have experiences to help them develop as a well-rounded child ready for senior school.

The Ryleys School offer over 35 extracurricular clubs to ensure personal development is achieved. Whether it be music, football, kayaking, wall climbing or chess, there really is something for everyone.

Extensive Facilities
Having the right tools for the job makes a huge difference.  With over 8 acres of sports playing fields, state of the art floodlit hockey pitches, onsite astro pitches, heated outdoor pool, fully equipped science lab, woodwork and DT studio, all provide the best possible environment for learning.

Our doors are open and we communicate frequently.  Daily updates are provided via a secure app, Seesaw.  Parents evenings and pupil reports are carefully prepared and issued termly. The school weekly assembly is a fantastic celebration of success and an opportunity to share 'work of the week' and pupil success with the whole school and parents community. Our healthy social committee agenda ensures that our school community is alive and engaging for all.


KS1 & KS2 Specialists

Excellent teaching at the KS1 and KS2 stages, between the ages of 5 and 11, is of paramount importance for the academic and personal growth of young learners. It lays the foundation for their future learning and shapes their attitudes towards education.

 OptimizedImage,OptimizedTeachers who excel in their profession have a profound impact on their students by creating a positive and engaging learning environment, providing personalised attention and feedback, and using innovative teaching methods. This leads to better academic outcomes, improved self-esteem, and a lifelong love of learning. 

Moreover, effective teaching at this stage can help to identify and address any learning difficulties or challenges early on, preventing them from becoming more significant issues in the future. Therefore, investing in high-quality teaching at KS1 and KS2 stages is essential for the success and well-being of young learners.

The Ryleys School has a long-standing reputation for being experts in KS1 and KS2 teaching. This is due to our commitment to providing a well-rounded education that focuses on the individual needs of each student. The school's experienced teachers are highly trained and skilled in delivering engaging lessons that cater to different learning styles. They also use innovative teaching methods and technology to enhance the learning experience.

Additionally, The Ryleys School has a strong focus on pastoral care, ensuring that every student feels supported and valued. This holistic approach to education has resulted in outstanding academic results and a high level of satisfaction from both students and parents.


The Ryleys School Team.

We are proud to employ a tremendous group of teachers with long length of service and exceptional results.

There are over sixty employees at The Ryleys School, too many to feature individually, but each one with dedication and a creative approach to teaching and engaging our pupils.



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