Eleven Plus

Eleven Plus

The Ryleys School academic plan starts in the Early Years classes and continues to build year-on-year until the entrance exam season begins in the spring term of Year 6.

A child's needs at age 5 are not likely to be the same as their needs when they become young adults at age 11. Whilst planning for change can seem daunting, we strongly believe the benefits of a planned change in academic venue at this stage provide great advantages for your child and their future. By this stage, there have been enough opportunities provided through our extensive curriculum to truly know your child's strengths, allowing you to be certain of the right-fit senior school for you.

Whilst it might feel like a long way off when you join, we want to reassure you that we never forget our objective to provide an outstanding education and opportunities which inspire pupils and nurture individual talents. With that in mind, our approach to supporting your child through the 11+ journey is individual and devised in partnership with you as parents.


Our experienced leaders and teachers have close relationships with all local senior schools. Our great depth of knowledge of what each senior school's strength and aspirations are, and our multiple years knowledge of your child's potential puts us in the unique position to support you through your decision making process.  

A clearly spelt out communication plan guides the children through a seamless, calm 11+ process, and provides the opportunity for our children to develop the skills required to succeed. Our Preparatory School approach leads to outstanding success at 11+ to the school that best fits each one of our children.

The feeling of achievement and confidence gained by successfully securing a place at your preferred senior school cannot be matched.

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