Transition To Reception

Transition To Reception

Whilst the majority of our pupils attend our Nursery, Pre-School, then Pre-Reception, and are therefore familiar with many of the logistics of school life, there is no doubt that starting Reception is a key milestone in all families' lives.

By the time a child gets to Pre-Reception, they will already know where the dining hall is, they will have been taught by the school's music, French and PE teachers, they will have performed a Nativity play and Graduation ceremony in the Centenary Hall, and they will have met and had a class with their Reception teacher.


Not only will the surroundings be reassuringly familiar, but our choice to organise our year groups in the Early Years department by academic cohort means that the vast majority of their classmates will also be with them in their Reception class.

In the summer term, prior to starting in Reception, parents and pupils take part in a number of informational events to ensure that when September comes around, all you have to do is look forward to hearing what they have learnt that day and what exciting things are planned for the rest of the week.

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