Nursery Smiles

Nursery Smiles

During the summer so far the children in Nursery have been exploring and learning all about feelings and emotions. Through a variety of activities the children are supported in regulating and understanding the different emotions they feel each day. 

A nursery lesson about emotions and communication skills for children age 1 to 4 at The Ryleys School, a private school in Cheshire.Using the mirrors to explore their reflections the children practised showing us their best happy and sad faces.

When asked "how do you feel today?" every child replied "happy!". 

Helping the children to understand and manage their emotions provides them with skills that will support them and enable a smooth transition into our Pre School room in September.

The Early Years rooms all follow the EYFS learning scheme which provides a well balanced curriculum for pupils aged 1 to 4.  Pupils development is shared via our parent app Famly, to allow our parents the ability to continue the learning from home.

The Ryleys School prides itself in being one of the best Private Schools in Cheshire and we know that our success depends on the very best foundations to education in our Nursery.