Millie's Mark awarded for first aid and safety at The Ryleys School

Millie's Mark awarded for first aid and safety at The Ryleys School

We are thrilled to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious Millie's Mark accreditation, a national scheme that acknowledges the highest standards of first aid and safety in early years settings. This recognition is a testament to the school's commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment for its pupils.

Millie's Mark awarded to The Ryleys School for first aid and safetyThe Millie's Mark accreditation serves as a reflection of the dedication and hard work of the school's staff, who have undergone rigorous training in paediatric first aid to ensure they are well-equipped to respond in emergency situations. The staff understand the importance of remaining calm under pressure and providing prompt and appropriate care when needed. The achievement of Millie's Mark accreditation provides reassurance to parents that the school meets the highest standards of first aid provision and risk management. It signifies that every child at The Ryleys School can feel secure and protected while they learn and grow.

Creating a safe learning environment requires teamwork and collaboration. The staff at The Ryleys School consistently work together to implement and maintain robust safety policies and procedures. They ensure that the premises are safe and secure, and they actively promote a culture of vigilance and awareness.

The school would like to extend its gratitude to all of the staff for their hard work in achieving this accreditation. Their dedication to the well-being of the pupils is truly commendable.

To find out more about Millie's Mark, please visit their website.