From The Head - Friday 13th October 2023

From The Head - Friday 13th October 2023

Julia Langford, Headteacher of The Ryleys School, a private school in Alderley Edge, Cheshire

In order to live productive and positive lives, good mental health is essential and on Tuesday, there was a focus on this with World Mental Health Day. The children and staff were given green ribbons in recognition of the day and additional time was spent thinking about wellbeing and mental health.

The school has a very comprehensive wellbeing programme and for it to be effective, it is something that we need to live and breathe on a daily basis. International days of recognition are all very well in heightening awareness, but positive mental health can only be achieved on a sustainable and consistent basis if we are able to live in an environment which supports this and has the mechanisms in place to help.

Having a sense of self-worth, being adaptable and resilient, are all important factors in maintaining a positive mental attitude and being able to make our way happily and successfully in the world - all things which we continually work on with the children.

A sense of gratitude is also something that has an impact on good mental health, so if you are ever experiencing a bad day or feeling overwhelmed, going through a list of things to be grateful for really does help create a feeling of wellbeing and peace.

If we can all look after each other and create a network of support, we can help everyone enjoy good mental health and live a happy life.

Have a happy weekend!

Julia Langford