Prep Library Gets a Makeover

Zen Den Improvements & Benefits

Our Prep Library had a mini makeover over the half term break enhancing this area for the older children in our school. This fantastic space is not only the home to our many excellent books and magazines, but now a calming space where board games or quiet contemplation can take place for our often very busy children .

Mrs Hague will be based in the library on Monday and Friday lunch times to help with choosing books, playing gentle board games and just to be 'there' if they need support or a chat or just want a quiet space 'to be'. 

The academic benefits of reading are probably fairly obvious but there are many other benefits which can help our pupils achieve more in all parts of their lives.   Learning to read, making time to read, choosing to read are life lessons we need to help our children to achieve.

We also have new subscriptions to National Geographic Kids, First News newspaper and new exciting science magazines, but any other comic & magazine donations would still be much appreciated as we look to widen our choice of reading material to make it an interesting space for all.