The Four Ts

The Four Ts

Year 6 pupils excelled themselves this week in a poetry lesson entitled The Four Ts. The class watched an inspirational short video ‘The Pep Talk from Kid President to You’. You can watch it here:

In this video, Kid President delivers a monologue which encourages the viewer to challenge themselves and take the hard path to build a better future for us all.

Using this inspiration, the pupils wrote ‘Pep Talk Poems’ with each verse starting with:

  • Today I will..
  • Tomorrow I will..
  • Together we will...

And finally a verse with a T word of their choosing.

Whilst the entire class delivered brilliant writing, Malaika S and Jazmyn K were awarded work of the week for their poems using the fourth Ts of Testify and Trying. Fabulous work, Year 6.