From The Head - Friday 19th January 2024

From The Head - Friday 19th January 2024

Julia Langford, Headteacher of The Ryleys School, a private school in Alderley Edge, Cheshire

An exceptional provision, both in terms of education and personal development, is our number one priority in school to ensure that the children achieve the best possible outcomes and have an incredible experience.

In order to maintain this, it is important to have a robust school development plan and to be externally audited so that we are being objectively assessed and monitored.

In official terms, inspections are carried out by ISI every three years. However, we have had the pleasure of welcoming two visitors to the school over the past couple of weeks which has provided us with these exact opportunities to showcase what The Ryleys School offers and to receive that impartial validation.

Firstly, Mr Silverlock, our Education Governor and also a school reporting inspector, visited the school for a day to inspect our provision. Mr Silverlock looked at both the quality of education and compliance, held discussions with pupils and staff, and generally checked in to monitor what we are doing. Mr Silverlock was very impressed with what he saw and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the school in action.

Our second visitor was from the Good Schools Guide to gather information to update our report on their website. Their representative enjoyed a tour and discussion with some Year 6 pupils, as well as chatting to myself about what the school offers and what makes us a unique place to learn. It is always a joy to have an opportunity to describe what makes The Ryleys School so special and stand out from the crowd.

As always, the feedback from both visitors was how wonderful the pupils are. Their manners, general behaviour and delightful personalities were commented on, along with how engaged with their learning they were. They really do make us so proud.

Have a lovely weekend.

Julia Langford