From The Head - Friday 17th May 2024

From The Head - Friday 17th May 2024

Julia Langford, Headteacher of The Ryleys School, a private school in Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Pupils and staff from Year 3 upwards have been out on a residential trip this week at beautiful Winmarleigh Hall in Lancashire having a magnificent time! These experiences are so beneficial for children as they develop key life skills such as independence and problem solving, not to mention how to make a bed, find their own socks and pack their own bag!

With so many people off site, the school has been strangely quiet. Their absence makes you realise the significant part that each person plays within our school community and that it's not quite the same without everyone. Be it the little chats with the children in the dining room, their laughter in the playground, the sound of lessons in progress and the staff doing a million and one jobs, it is the people who make the school what it is.

The Social Committee is another important cog in our well-oiled wheel who perform a myriad of roles across the school, from spectacular fairs and dinner dances to providing popcorn for a film afternoon, every little thing makes a difference in the experience for both parents and pupils. The committee relies on the generosity of the parent body to play their part and contribute their precious time to make school events viable.

We are planning a bit of a revamp of how the committee is structured and operates, and it would be enormously appreciated if more parents could come on board to assist with this vital part of the school. The committee can't function without people helping out and it would be a great shame if we couldn't go ahead with events due to lack of support - you would miss it if it was gone!

Being a part of a community makes us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It gives us opportunities to connect with people and provides a sense of belonging. A true community is about building relationships and being responsible for what happens - vibrant communities bring people together.

The Ryleys School community is a very special one and when we all work together and support each other, anything is possible!

Have a lovely weekend.

Julia Langford.