From The Head - Friday 26th April 2024

From The Head - Friday 26th April 2024

Julia Langford, Headteacher of The Ryleys School, a private school in Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Nearly every day each week I have the pleasure of welcoming prospective parents to The Ryleys School. The opportunity to showcase our wonderful school creates a huge sense of pride and it is a privilege to do this.

Understandably, a regular question from prospective parents is 'Why choose The Ryleys School?'

The Ryleys School has a special combination of the traditional and contemporary, and its own distinctive atmosphere providing a warm, nurturing environment. Notably, size is very important and in true 'Goldilocks' style, we are not too big and not too small, but just right!

Our average class size is around 15 children which ensures that each pupil receives individual attention, a bespoke learning programme and does not slip under the radar, while still having plenty of social and friendships options. Fostering a sense of belonging and being valued as an individual are key in achieving successful outcomes for pupils.

Our specialist teaching programme from Nursery upwards is also a stand-out feature and significantly different from other schools which retain the class teacher model. Young, active, curious children hugely benefit from the varied curriculum and specialist teachers who know their subject inside out and have real passion for what they teach.

On one tour alone this week, the parents witnessed a practical lesson on fractions in the playground, pupils collaborating while constructing our kit cars in the science lab, pencil case designing in the ADT centre, a cricket lesson in the sports hall, and computers being used to research information for Global Perspectives - a great snapshot of what happens on a daily basis. Our superb facilities are integral in delivering an outstanding experience and the children love visiting the different specialist rooms and areas.

Our personal development programme provides those broader experiences to help the pupils develop as individuals and discover where their talents and strengths lie, whether that be singing in the choir, scoring goals in a hockey match, speaking in assembly or scampering up the climbing wall.

They learn skills for life - how to overcome challenges, problem solve, become independent and, most importantly, develop attributes which will enable them to be decent and successful members of society who make a positive contribution to the world.

It is always heartening to receive comments from visitors that verify all of this and that what we endeavour to provide is so tangible to those outside of our school community - that The Ryleys School is a very happy and productive place to be!

Have a great week!

Julia Langford