From The Head - Friday 9th June 2023

From The Head - Friday 9th June 2023

The new half term has literally started with a splash as we officially launched our pool cover fundraiser this week with some very committed pupils turning up at 7.30am every morning to do lengths of the pool, as well as some staff to supervise and organise it all, including a few rounds of toast after the session for our ravenous early swimming birds!

'The Big Splash'  will involve a range of fundraising activities, but the pupils are mainly focusing on swimming the equivalent of the distance around Great Britain (1,791 miles) and asking for sponsorship to support this.  

Apart from the early morning sessions, all pupils have made a contribution to the grand total this week during their lessons and staff have also been swimming before and after school.  We are planning a swimathon on Thursday 15th June with a 12 hour stint to really rack up those lengths and the grand finale of this initiative will take place at the Summer Fair on the 30th June.

The retractable cover will enable our pupils to enjoy swimming all year round and rental opportunities for the school, so it really is a brilliant cause to get involved with.  You can donate or sponsor your child by using the QR code on the board by the pool, link on the website or on our Instagram bio; it is also in the newsletter this week. Cash donations sent into school are also very welcome.  Our aim is to raise £250,000 in twelve months—that’s a lot of lengths!

We are truly grateful for all your support and huge recognition must be given to the pupils, staff and Social Committee for such dedication to the cause. 

Thank you and well done!