Speech & Drama

Drama is taught as part of the curriculum at The Ryleys by a specialist drama teacher from year 3 to year 6. The lessons give the children vocal and physical awareness, and raise the children’s self-esteem and confidence, whilst encouraging them to work creatively and sympathetically with others. The aim is for the children to acquire knowledge and skills whilst having fun in a relaxed, positive atmosphere.

Your child will be given the opportunity to perform in plays every year.  Recent productions have included Jonah and the Whale, King Midas, The Little Match Girl, The Wizard of Oz, Bugsy Malone, The Sound of Music, and Robin Hood. Your child will also be provided with the opportunity to perform to their friends and family in class, assemblies, and informal gatherings. During their time at The Ryleys, your child will take an English Speaking Board exam which encourages presentation, communication, and listening skills.

Extra-Curricular Speech and Drama

Private Speech and Drama lessons are offered by a specialist teacher as an extra-curricular activity. These lead to graded examinations held at The Ryleys set by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). All aspects of communication and performance skills are covered.  Lessons provide pupils with an appreciation of poetry, prose and play text.

Children enter into local festivals such as the Shropshire Festival of Verse and Prose, the Bowden Festival and the Alderley Edge Festival, participating in many classes such as verse speaking, prose, and acting. There are approximately 25 lessons per academic year.  Pupils are taught individually, or in pairs.

Children at The Ryleys have enjoyed great success at the many local speech and drama festivals and it is a wonderful way for the children to practice performing and grown in confidence.