Singapore Maths

At The Ryleys we follow the Singapore Maths method of teaching. Singapore Maths develops pupils' mathematical ability and confidence without having to resort to memorising procedures to pass tests - making mathematics more engaging and interesting.


The emphasis is always placed on problem solving. Independent learning and ‘investigations’ are important but not before the children have grasped a mathematical concept.


Singapore Maths focuses on the children understanding mathematical problems rather than learning parrot fashion.


For Pre-Prep, maths is introduced pictorially or with objects such as blocks, fruit or even toys, allowing the children to handle numbers of objects. As children can then understand what 10 of something looks like they move on to the abstract figure of '10' written down.


Lessons are varied through a series of examples that deal with the same problem or topic. Sometimes the learning of one particular mathematical concept is varied and sometimes the mathematical concept is the same, but the children are presented with different ways to perceive a problem.


Singapore maths is based on a mastery curriculum. Differentiation occurs in the support and intervention provided to different pupils rather than in the topics taught. This ensures there is no cap to the children’s learning and every day all the children have a chance to succeed.