Bespoke Education

At The Ryleys we pride ourselves in providing a bespoke approach to education. We have created a unique way of teaching that generates results, builds confidence and self-esteem and ensures that your child gets they very best out of their time here at The Ryleys.

The Ryleys’ Bespoke Education’ is an approach to help support and  guide your child throughout school, so that the staff understand exactly how your child learns, what they enjoy and in which areas they excel.  This knowledge enables staff to tailor their lessons to the individual from the start of their education until the end of Year 6.

We develop and deliver the curriculum in a style to suit your child so that they can access it in a way that is meaningful to them, giving them the very best possible opportunity to flourish and excel. Through this type of education, every child is able to fully understand all the subjects, enjoy them and become enthused by them.

Children learn in a number of different ways and are broadly split into three different learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. We will identify very early on how your child learns and tailor our lessons to suit them. So, for a child who learns kinesthetically, we will provide very practical hands- on activities as they learn through memorising movement.  

In maths, for example we will give them objects that they can physically touch so that they can see how numbers are bonded together, or we may take them onto the playground to draw letters in the air with light sabers! Something our Reception children have thoroughly enjoyed.

Visual learners will really benefit from our interactive whiteboards, our wide range of books available in all the classrooms and will enjoy seeing how words and numbers are written in text.

Auditory learners will access the curriculum via role play, stories and a whole host of media which they can access either individually in the classroom on the computers or iPads or via the whiteboard as the teachers show the children video clips, live footage and documentaries.