The Purpose of the Governing Body

The Ryleys School is owned by a special type of company. In some ways it is the same as any other company limited by guarantee, but the constitution of The Ryleys allows the school to enjoy charitable status.

The Governing Body is in fact a Board of Directors, who are charged with the running of the school, protecting the school in a financial sense so that it survives to fulfil its purpose in the future, and ensuring that it does what is needed to protect and maintain its Charitable status. The Charitable Status is important because it provides  the school with some valuable financial benefits.

The Governing Body as Directors therefore oversee the financial and educational performance of the school, however the great majority of the executive management of the School is devolved to the Head Teacher who reports regularly to the Governors.

The Members of the Board of Governors

All of the Board members are volunteers who give their time without remuneration to support the school.

Many of the Governors are past or current parents, and they are selected according to the skills and competences they can bring to the Board.