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      Welcome to our School

      A warm welcome awaits you at The Ryleys School, whether you are a prospective parent or parent with children at the school. Our friendly and welcoming staff ensure that your child's happiness is at the forefront of all that we do. Academic success throughout the school is bolstered by over 35 extra-curriculuar clubs each week, all carefully selected to enhance our outstanding curriculum.


        En Guarde!

        The Olympic sport of fencing developed from a form of military training to a sport in either the 14th of 15th century. 

        Fencers develop good hand-eye coordination, balance, and quick reflexes. It boosts not just physical but also mental agility by forcing you to observe and counter your opponent's skills and personality. For this reason, fencing is good for your mind, as well as your body. Most of all it’s great fun!

        Our pupils have the chance to learn all about Fencing at one of our post popular weekly clubs. 

        Merit Badges

        At The Ryleys School, we have a number of ways to celebrate success.  Everything from 'Work of the Week' to invitations to a 'Tea Party' with the Headteacher.

        Merit badges recognise a child's personal growth, development and achievements outside of the academic arena. For example, good manners, consideration, acts of kindness or maturity etc. 

        Each time pupils do something positive, they complete a stage of the pathway to each Merit - bronze, silver and gold.

        We love seeing the children wear the badges with such pride.

        Well done to every child achieving a Merit badge this term. 

        11+ Preparation

        I would like to say a very big thank you for the amazing help you gave my son in the run up to his 11 plus exams.

        I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with the way in which the children have been guided and assisted in their preparation.  I do not think that any school would be able to match the way in which the children were helped at The Ryleys.

        Mrs Langford - Your extra lessons in the morning and during the Christmas holiday were very much appreciated. My son has found your tips and talks about the exam most helpful - you seem to have a very good knack of getting him to take what you say on board. 

        Mr Tadman - Your extra maths lessons and guidance on difficult questions were all very much valued by my son. The environment you created was one of healthy competition challenging the children in a very supportive way.

        Mrs Harrison - My son told me you even managed to link art lessons into comprehension practice. Your help and level headedness throughout last term was something my son found incredibly helpful.

        I feel confident that The Ryleys helped him to be able to do his best on the day and that is all we could ever ask for.

        Once again many thanks for your help and support. 

        Parent of Ex-Year 6 Pupil

        Our children grow up so fast and develop year on year - a lot changes between the ages of 7 and 11!  It is very difficult to determine what the most suitable senior school for a 7 or 8 or 9 year old will be.  I know from my own experience that it was only in Year 4, aged 9, that we established our first choice senior school which happened to be in the Borough of Trafford.  Our second choice senior school was a Cheshire school which has a different exam structure and schedule. The Ryleys supported us in our consideration of all appropriate schools and preparing for our selected options. 

        In addition to the academic side, the personal development of my child was most significant in Year 6.  I would not take away from him the experiences he had as part of The Ryleys in Year 6.  The fun-filled activities, the school trips and the responsibility that he was encouraged to take on as part of the oldest class in the school have been invaluable in his transition to senior school. It has provided him with a springboard into a very smooth transition as he has a well-developed sense of personal responsibility and confidence. 

        Mr Andrew Davis - Head of Music, St. Bede's College

        My name is Andrew Davies and I am the Head of Music at St. Bede’s College.  I am delighted to inform you that Georgina, who is an ex-pupil of the Ryleys School, has been accepted as a member of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain - singing Alto.

        Georgie is continuing to thrive here, and has been a much valued pupil. She is now studying A Level Music, is Grade 7 Piano, Grade 8 Singing and Grade 6 Clarinet. She is also now learning to conduct!

        This email is our way of saying thank you for sending us such a fantastic student and to assure you that we will continue to support her in the journey that she started with you and your wonderful school. I know that Dr. Robson, our Headmaster, concurs.

        New Reception Parent

        We had our initial visit yesterday and we were blown away in comparison to competitors within the area.

         The head humbled us and personally sat with us for over an hour, finding out about our life, son and needs (she also offered cake and coffee- instantly sold). The knowledge the head and staff delivered was fantastic (backed up by evidence) and the children and resources were an absolute credit.

         I'm sure you can gather we completed the registration forms! We cannot wait to become part of the Ryleys family! Roll on 2018!