In the Pre-Prep department pupils are provided with an exciting and cohesive curriculum. Classes are taught following the main principles of the national curriculum; pupils’ learning is then extended beyond the Early Years and Key Stage 1 programme, with each year group building on the previous years learning. The teaching of numeracy and literacy takes place each morning, the children also benefit from following the structured ‘Letter and Sounds’ phonic programme each morning.

All academic subjects from the core curriculum are taught in an afternoon via a creative curriculum that enables us to offer diverse and challenging programmes of work. These encourage children’s independent thinking and curiosity. 

In the Pre-Prep department we have small class sizes and high staff to pupil ratios which enables the curriculum to be tailored to the individual, and class needs. The pupils spend most of their school day with their class teacher who teaches them the majority of subjects.

Specialist staff from the Prep department teach French, P.E., music and art, while a professional dance and drama teacher works with the children each week to develop and enhance the children’s learning. This continuation of familiar teachers throughout the school ensures a smooth transition for the children through the year groups and on into the Prep Department.

Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard which is used daily to help deliver the curriculum in an engaging and stimulating way, ensuring that all types of learning is catered for. Pupils also visit the ICT suite each week for a formal computing lesson.

Our aim is to ensure that each year the children are confident and prepared for the challenges they will face in the following year and to allow a successful transition from Pre-Prep, into our Prep department.