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V.E. Day Celebrations

Many of the children and staff celebrated V.E. Day at home on Friday with tea parties, picnics and walks out to see how other people have decorated their houses. 

Year 5 Creative Writing

Changming woke up early as he always did;  it was raining outside.  After putting on his worn out clothes which his mother had washed and left on the chair next to his bed, he went into their tiny kitchen where his mother was making breakfast.

1T Working Warrior Award

Congratulations to Cara C-W in 1T who has been awarded the Working Warrior award at home this week.

Children's Mental Health During Quarantine

In a recent survey by Save The Children, more than half of parents (56%) are worried about their child’s mental health at a time when schools are closed and contact with friends and family is restricted as a result of social distancing.

Pancakes For Pre-Reception and Reception

Pre-Reception and Reception came together this morning to decorate delicious pancakes. They added, sugar, honey, jam and chocolate spread to each of the pancakes to see which they liked best. 

Stick Man Crafts

Nursery have been enjoying Julia Donaldson's Stick Man this week and have been busy making their own stick men. 

Pre-School Welly Walk

Undeterred by this week's unfavourable weather, Pre-School ventured out into the main school on a Welly Walk. As well as enjoying see the older children they also go to splash in puddles. What fun!