Welcome To The Nursery

Welcome to The Ryleys 'OUTSTANDING' Nursery, a warm and friendly environment for children ages 12 months to 2 years. 

In our popular Nursery, we follow the EYFS curriculum and provide your child with the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities that will help them learn, develop and reach their full potential.

Practitioners plan activities to engage, support and extend children's learning to ensure their progress. - ISI Inspection (2020)

Key Person

The transition from home to The Nursery can be a big step for children of all ages, but the transition is made that much easier with the help of an assigned Key Person.  Your child will be allocated a Key Person as soon as he or she joins The Nursery. 

The Ryleys Nursery 

The role of the Key Person is to not only to care for and provide reassurance to your child during the settling in period, but also to foster a close, caring relationship with your child, you and your family that will continue throughout their time at The Ryleys Nursery.


The Nursery is open for 50 weeks per year and is open from 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

We have two sessions available

A Full Day

7.30am - 4.30pm 

Extended Day

7.30am - 6pm

and parents can choose either 'all year round' with a two week break for Christmas or 'term time only', following the school's three term breaks.


The full day sessions include breakfast (if arriving before 8.30am), a hot lunch, morning and afternoon snacks and nappies if required.

Our Environment

Everything within The Nursery has been carefully selected with your child's learning development and happiness in mind. There are areas for messy play, creative arts, reading, music and physical play so that even when getting outside is difficult (which isn't often!) children have the space to play and burn off their energy.

Being outdoors is something we see as very important, and a plethora of natural sensory experiences will greet your child as they step outside. From sand pits, planting beds, digging beds and a 'Forest School', to intimate shelters and spaces for quiet contemplation, each child is encouraged to explore at his or her own pace and can begin to develop confidence in moving, looking, seeing and doing. 

For more information about booking a place for your child or arranging a personal tour. Please contact 01625 583241,  email reception@theryleys.com, or book a tour here.  


Specialist Teaching

Each week, children in the Nursery enjoy specialist teaching, such as Music, French and Forest School delivered by the school's teachers. In addition, we also invite Stretch 'n' Grow in to teach a movement and music class.

Children enjoy a highly effective and wide-ranging curriculum. - ISI Inspection (2020)


Stretch n Grow

Each week, children in the Nursery enjoy a Stretch & Grow class, which is inclusive of Nursery fees.

Every session is planned with in-depth knowledge of movement development. The fundamental skills explored in the lessons link to the age related milestones that help promote development

A structured class comprising of the components of fitness, where each child can participate and work at their own rate.

The school system in the U.K expects our four year olds to be able to sit still, remain focused on a task, hold and manipulate a writing instrument and follow print on a page when they start school. These are all physical abilities which are connected to developed and mature motor skills & posture control. We aim to assist children through fun sessions to master these skills in order to feel confident to achieve at school.