Welcome to Pre-Reception

In the final year before formal school begins, children move into our Pre-Reception class.

The objective of this year is to get children ready for their Reception year and start of school.  

We encourage the children to have a curiosity about the world and a desire to learn. The children learn through carefully planned topic work, which feeds into all areas of the EYFS.

We work with the children to enable them to start to write, take a book home to read and to actively listen to instructions and lesson input.

The children develop strong social skills in this year group and make friends that will stay with them right through to Year 6.


Specialist Teaching

Specialist teaching continues in the Pre-Reception with a weekly French, music and P.E. lesson. The specialist teachers your child bonds with in the Early Years will stay with them right through until Year 6, which means the staff do get to know the children really well.

Children also have the option to have a weekly dance lesson and Mini Sports lesson during school hours.