Our Environment

The way in which the Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Reception is organised can make a big difference to the extent to which children can initiate their own activities. The guiding principle is that resources are flexible and allow children the freedom to develop their own imaginative play.

We feel that time outdoors is precious and we aim to get outside no matter what the weather. Your child will have time each day for explorative, imaginative, energetic play giving them a real chance to practise social skills and strategies, build their own worlds and consolidate much of their academic learning. 

Our high quality outdoor provision has a wide range of natural resources including a secret garden, which can be entered via a hobbit door, a sand-pit, water play as well as multiple surfaces to allow for different child-initiated play.

Activities are planned on a daily basis, taking account of the children’s interests and inputs, and in response to what has happened the day before.

Forest School

Within the Early Years setting, the children have access to their very own outdoor learning area, which is accessed by a Hobbit hole door.

The children have weekly lessons within the outdoor classroom including bug hunting, weaving, story time and acorn printing.