EYFS Curriculum

Play is often talked about as if it were relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play really is the work of childhood.

- Psychologist, Fred Rodgers


At The Ryleys Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Reception, we educate and nurture the whole child by following the EYFS Framework as guidance. Each day, the seven areas of learning will be incorporated into a range of exciting and appropriately challenging, every-day play activities.

The 7 areas of learning are as follows:

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive Arts and Design
  • Understanding The World


Specialist Teaching

Specialist teaching starts right from when your child enters the Nursery, Pre-School and Pre-Reception and they will be taught French by our French and Italian teacher. The children will enjoy songs and will take part in introductory French conversation.

The children will also enjoy a weekly music class with our school music teacher and in Pre-Reception, they will have a weekly P.E lesson with the school P.E. teacher.

There are in addition, extra activities the children can take part in such as a dance lesson and Mini Sports, both of which take part within the school day.