At The Ryleys, we cannot put a value on the importance of understanding other cultures and the ability to communicate in another language. We believe that learning languages offers opportunities to children. By speaking an additional language, your child will have access to other cultures and people, and understand the importance of communication.

In addition, the discipline of learning another language expands children’s vocabulary and reinforces their understanding of English grammar.  As such foreign languages play a vital role in The Ryleys’ curriculum.

Your child will be taught both French and Italian by specialist teachers. They will learn French throughout their time at The Ryleys, beginning in the Nursery with songs, rhymes and puppets, and from Year 5, they will learn Italian in addition to French.

In their final year, your child will have the opportunity to enjoy a residential visit to France where they can practise the language, and experience French culture. Visits to other countries are much more interesting if you can understand what is said, read what is written, and speak to the people that you meet.