The Art and Design Technology Department (ADT) at The Ryleys provides a stimulating environment to maximise the opportunities pupils have to flourish in their creativity and develop their self-esteem through confidence, value and pleasure in art. The subject is taught by a specialist teacher from Year 1 upwards, delivering carefully developed projects that are designed for pupils to foster a spirit of independent enquiry, grow in confidence, imagination and creative thinking.

Arts Award

In Year 3 the children have the opportunity to complete arts award 'Discover' and in Year 6 they can go on to complete arts award 'Explore' to enhance and extend their learning experience and validate their progress and achievements.

Lessons provide the opportunity for pupils to push the boundaries of their own creativity whilst being taught traditional skills and techniques alongside exploring new technologies and working methods.  

Our mission is to engage our pupils and equip them with the ability to plan and organise, analyse critically and make confident judgements about the development of their own work and the work of others. The skills that pupils develop through their art and design technology education at The Ryleys are transferrable to all areas of the curriculum, eventually becoming essential life skills. 

As the pupils progress through the school’s art and design technology department they will:

  • Become familiar with a range of artists, designers and styles, to develop their knowledge of art and design history and contemporary art and design practitioners.
  • Be introduced to a wide range of materials and processes to develop outcomes in drawing, painting, photography, digital design, collage, weaving, mixed media, textiles, resistant materials, electronics and a range of print making techniques through increasingly challenging practical projects.
  • Visit a range of galleries and external locations to enhance learning by developing visual awareness and contextual appreciation. 

Examples of design work include everything from felt pencil cases to mobile phone holders in wood and acrylic. Fine art projects range from traditional still life to contemporary abstract art and everywhere in between.

ADT is assessed within the school setting and does not form part of the 11+. However pupils are invited to apply for the annual Ryley’s Arts scholarships. The visual art component assesses pupils’ observational and imaginative drawing skills, and their ability to analyse and interpret works of art.