Pastoral Care

Learning should unquestionably be an enjoyable experience – and a happy child will gain confidence and be more successful both socially and academically. That’s why Pastoral Care and support is central to everything that we do.

Led by our Head of Pastoral Care, Ms Michelle Harrison, and working hand in hand with the Learning Enhancement Department, all staff play a key part in ensuring that your child is safe, happy and fulfilled.

At The Ryleys, we believe strongly in the “triangle of success” – a bond formed by pupils, teachers and parents – to safeguard and nurture your child’s wellbeing.  As well as designated parents’ evenings, our doors are always open for you to call in to talk about your child and your child will be encouraged to come and talk about any difficulties that they may be experiencing.

They should, in the first instance, speak to their Form Teacher who will pass the information on to Ms Harrison. Your child may of course talk to the teacher with whom they feel most at ease. If there is an ongoing problem it may be appropriate for Ms Harrison to have several meetings with a pupil or parents.

Parents may contact Ms Harrison by calling in, phoning the school or by email at 

Additional Support

If we feel that more support is needed, we will contact parents to come in and discuss strategies which are relevant to their child. This may come in the form of support group work, additional short 1-1 sessions or further assessment of the child’s particular needs.

Following early identification, we work closely with parents and outside agencies in order to ensure that each child receives the necessary support enabling them to achieve to the very best of their abilities.

Our well-equipped team of highly qualified teachers and teaching assistants allows the needs of each pupil to be met through differentiated in-class support, targeted group work or specialist one-to-one tuition. 


Pastoral Links

The department works closely with the Head of Pastoral Care, Ms Michelle Harrison, to monitor the emotional well being of children as well as monitoring their academic progress. Together with Ms Harrison, the department will help children who are struggling to meet their academic potential because of pastoral issues; such as socialising, in class behaviour, anxiety or organisational issues.