Enrichment and Extension

From the moment your child starts at The Ryleys, their classroom teacher will be monitoring their progress. All children develop at different rates and some children are identified as having the ability or potential to develop significantly ahead of their peers.

It’s our aim as a school to ensure that these children are extended and developed so that they continue to progress at an accelerated pace in the subject or subjects in which they show particular ability.

Children who do show accelerated learning and understanding will be entered into our Enrichment and Extension programme where they will be developed and challenged in the subject in which they show a greater aptitude. This may be in the form of one to one teaching or group teaching for a specific subject. The children will then also be set work to complete at home.

The initial step is to ensure work is differentiated for children who show accelerated learning and that their termly assessment is monitored to ensure they are consistent with their knowledge and understanding before seeking out more specific enrichment and extension work.

Their progress whilst on the Enrichment and Extension Programme is monitored and reviewed on a term by term basis to ensure the correct support has been put in place. Children often see peaks in their knowledge and understanding throughout their school life; this may relate to the topic, style of teaching or change of home routine. It is therefore anticipated that a child will not remain on the programme for the same subject throughout their time at The Ryleys.